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Land Lab Serendipity Preschool

Land Lab

Serendipity Christian Learning and Development Center is proud to be the only local preschool to maintain and use an Outdoor Land Lab.

Our Land Lab provides students with an adventure every time they visit, as they have an opportunity to learn about, and to appreciate, nature. Research shows that children benefit profoundly from regular interactions with natureā€¦and we see that first hand. The children take food to the birds, chipmunks, and squirrels. They place salt licks in the Land Lab for the deer in the winter. When spring arrives, they leave weavings of soft materials for the birds to use to build their nests. Each class adopts a tree and watches what happens to it over the three seasons. They research to find out what kind of tree it is by making bark rubbings and leaf tracings. They learn about moss, fossils, insects, animal tracks, weather, and so much more as they begin to discover the mystery of the world in which we live. It is one of their favorite activities here at Serendipity.



Serendipity Preschool Land Lab

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